About the Founder

Alicia Dougherty-Wold, MS is an experienced content strategist, writer, and editor with a master's degree in psychology. Alicia has a knack for identifying and articulating user needs, diplomatically questioning assumptions, playing nicely with stakeholders from all over the org chart, and digging deep to make content projects lead to great outcomes for clients and their customers.

About Alicia Dougherty / Content

Since 1994 we've been helping companies make people-friendly (and profitable) content experiences. Our background spans:

  • Print and online editorial strategy
  • Email communications and deliverability
  • Psychology, user research, and usability
  • UI content
  • Social media

Depending on the size and scope of a project, we can offer end-to-end content strategy, including content auditing and analysis, voice development, and expert writing, or just one piece of the pie. We also work with a go-to list of exceptional contributors who can tackle user research, design, production, engineering, marketing & PR, and other services.

In every project we advocate understanding your audience's needs--from basic tasks to deeper emotions that drive decisions--and use this information to craft a voice and tone that make sense for the people you are trying to reach. So when you communicate through your site, blog, email, tweets, or status updates, the people in your audience actually want to hear from you. And they respond to what you have to say.

Fancy that.